A birth-order based explanation of why siblings have different personalities


Black out

An explanation of why memory blackouts occur when drinking alcohol


Travellers rarely talk about homesickness. You can scroll through thousands of travel blogs featuring beautiful pictures of blue skies, white sands and tropical breakfasts and I doubt there will be any mention of them missing grey rainy days at home. Maybe they don’t? Or maybe it would make their jet-setting lifestyle slightly less desirable? It’s... Continue Reading →

Elephants & Evolution

I've been spending far more time with elephants this month than I ever have done before and I've very much enjoyed their company.  The elephants I've been visiting are rescued from the logging industry,  the circus or from working as riding elephants. As these elephants have spent most of their lives around humans, they are... Continue Reading →


For most of my 23 years I haven't really done romantic love. For a while I thought that finding a fascination with evolutionary psychology in my teens, rather than with teenage boys, had protected me. Evolutionary psychology takes most of the romance out of relationships and strips it down to a eggs and sperm, which... Continue Reading →

Looking Good

I'm typing today's post with new shiny nails. I love looking down and seeing my nails looking pretty as I type it cheers me up and makes me feel like I've got my life together. For those of you who haven't experienced getting your nail colour changed on all 20 nails (yes toes are included... Continue Reading →


Whilst I'm away travelling, I'm studying courses online as an insight into working as a digital nomad (working online from anywhere around the world) so far it has been a pleasant experience of exploring cities via coffee shops. However, staying motivated to complete voluntary courses isn't an easy ask when it’s sunny outside and the... Continue Reading →

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